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The Eastern Federation of Merchants Led by the Heart of Steel

His father was a trader. Ever since he was little, he followed everywhere
his father went, and learned everything from his father. His father was
so successful as a trader that it was impossible to know how much
money he was making in a day.
When his friends studied math at school, he took an inventory of all the
items piled up in the warehouse with an abacus. His father used to say,
"Money comes and goes, and it can come when you have none."
He was murdered by someone when he was 17.

All the wealth and friends he had made all his life were soon lost like
sand through his fingers.
His father's death made his blood boil, but he couldn't waste his life on
this and stop living his life. Echsteel makes a hard decision. He was no

Time passed, and before he knew it, he became the central figure in
trading business in the port city of Matra just like his father had been.
He has gone through so much hardship in such a short period of time
that all his hair had turned white before he turned 29, but he still had
the same piercing eyes he had when he buried his father and got back
on his feet.
So many people perished and an astronomical amount money was
invested in finding the new sea route marked on his father's map that
he'd tried so hard to protect.